Join Us Arsh & Komal 08.02.2019


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Mr Arsh and Ms Komal
Arsh Kapoor Arsh

Invite you to join them as they celebrate  their marriage at
Nakshatra Lawn,
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. 

Komal Sharma Komal

Proposal Story

How we decided that we should be together forever!

"We were sitting together in our office cabin. We were looking each other with smiling face. I came close to her and told her that I dream of the day in which we form a beautiful family and I imagine living the rest of my life with you, enjoying much happiness and giving you all my love. Would you like to make this dream come true by becoming my wife?"



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Please reserve before January 20th, 2019

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Family members

We will be deeply honored by your gracious presence to share with us the joy that fills our hearts on the splendid and festive celebration at the wedding ceremony of loving Komal.


Anil Dutt Sharma


Madhu Sharma


Neha Gaur


Family Members

We request the honor of your gracious presence on the auspicious occasion at the wedding ceremony of our handsome Arsh.


Atul Kapoor


Anju Kapoor


Ankush Kapoor


He put a ring on it.

Our Wedding Partners

We Really Appreciate It

For the first few months, planning was all big ideas, Pinterest boards and lighthearted talk about all of the things we hoped to do. It wasn't until the "boots on the ground" stage that reality slowly set in - the venues that had already been booked months in advance, the prep time that an elaborate ceremony backdrop would take, the expense of garland per yard.

One of the aspects that was most overwhelming to me was just how many options there were! So many products, services, and brands flood this wedding space, and for months I was stuck in an "analysis paralysis," comparing all of the different options.

The beneficial thing that this stage did bring me, however, was assurance in the quality and prices of the brands I chose...